The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)

Ordinary Week 13, Year C,
26th June 2016

"O Lord it is you who are my portion"

Mass Times and Confession
Saturday Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday Mass 9.00am, Cheddar (FOSS)
Mass 11.00am, Wells (For the People)
Adoration and Morning Prayer, hr before Mass on weekdays
Monday Mass 9.30am, Wells
Tuesday Saint Iranaeus, Bishop & Martyr
Mass 9.30am, Wells
Traditional Latin Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Adoration & Rosary 6.30pm, Cheddar
Vigil Mass of Peter and Paul 7.30pm, Wells
Wednesday Solemnity of St Peter & St Paul, Apostles
Mass 9.30am, Wells
in Ss. Joseph and Teresa Primary School
Traditional Latin Mass 12.30pm, Wells
Mass 7.30pm, Cheddar
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Traditional Latin Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Friday St Oliver Plunket, Bishop and Martyr
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Next Saturday Mass 11.00am, Cheddar

Next Sunday

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C
Saturday 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday 9.00am, Cheddar
11.00am, Wells


Cheddar: Saturday after Mass
Wells: Saturday 5-5.30pm

St Oliver Plunket, 1629-1681

Born in County Meath, Ireland, Oliver studied in Rome and was ordained in 1654. Consecrated Bishop of Armagh in 1669, he began the task of restoring the Church, laid to waste by continuous persecution. Arrested on a sham charge of complicity, Irish judges refused to convict him of treason because he propagated the Catholic faith. He was brought to London and on his second trial was found guilty of treason with little evidence. He was executed at Tyburn in 1681, the last to be martyred in England. His body resides on Downside.